Store Supervisor

DubaiGeneral Trading LLC

Maintain overall cleanliness, sanitation, and maintenance of the shop.

  • Ensure main shop floor and 2 storerooms are compliant with all legal health and safety guidelines.
  • Ensure Covid-19 precautionary measures are implemented by all staff and provisions are available for customers and visitors to do the same.
  • Maintain and order supplies of Covid-19 (masks, gloves, sanitizer, disinfectant) as needed.
  • Arrange for the deep cleaning of the main shop floor and “Staff storeroom” at least once a month (includes Widows and floor). Justify and Obtain permission from higher management if more than one deep cleaning is needed.
  • Inform higher management officially of any maintenance issues or faulty or broken equipment. Follow up and oversee the repair process as instructed by management.

Shop Security

  • Ensure all Wi-Fi connections, and CCTV, are always operational. Ensure all staff are aware of the importance of this and comply. Immediately inform higher management of any Malfunction or noncompliance.
  • Ensure all staff are trained to lock up the shop at the end of duty in accordance with company policy, monitor and check this is being done correctly, any failure to comply will be the responsibility of the Store Manager.
  • Ensure all staff are trained to lock up the shop in accordance with company policy if it is necessary to leave the shop during working hours.
  • Inform mall security of any broken or stolen items by customers immediately.
  • Ensure staff are trained to inform mall security of any broken or stolen items by customers.

Shop Display

  • Ensure all shelving, display units, Picture frames, decorations, flooring, and merchandise are clean and free of dust.
  • Ensure art gallery co-insides with specified management theme and all allocated spaces are filled with artwork.
  • Promote overall retail environment. Plan and allocate locations for new arrivals. Plan and execute rotation of displays. Inform higher management of lack of shelving, display space or other issues related to stock display.
  • Ensure all sellable stock is on display. At least one item of duplicated stock.
  • Plan and oversee in-shop promotional displays.

Product Inventory

  • Order new stock as directed by management. Follow up on deliveries and payments to ensure timely delivery in accordance with shop needs.
  • Unpackage new stock, checking inventory list against goods received and condition of items. Reporting to higher management of damaged or missing products in timely manner.
  • Ensure all old and new stock is entered into specified company records (excel sheet and POS) with correct pricing, barcoding, and pictures.
  • Plan and carry out stock check of all store products on a regular basis as specified by management.
  • Coordinate with web design providers regularly to provide them with accurate product information to ensure website is up to date as specified by management.
  • Maintain inventory of “Loan/consignment Items.” Ensure loan/consignment agreement is signed. Update records to include, transaction period, sales, profits, and loss, returns and damages.
  • Ensure product prices are accurately adjusted in accordance with promotions and discounts.

Shop Analytics

  • Keep up to date on market trends to determine the need for improvements in the shop.
  • Create, update and maintain social calendar. Keep team updated on upcoming events and collect ideas for activities to be planned, present them in in team meetings.
  • Research social media and online portals such as e-bay, noon, amazon to compare product prices and report back to higher management on a weekly basis.
  • Analyse sales and revenue reports and make forecastsweekly.
  • Provide mall management with required revenue reports.
  • Update daily revenue and foot trafficking on Shop Excel sheets.

Duty Rostra

  • Ensure minimum hours of operation and staff attendanceare in compliance with local laws.
  • Rotation of staff members to ensure attendance during peak hours of business. Ensure that during peak hours one Junior staff and one Senior staff are present, officially inform higher management of any issues related to this.
  • Mandatory attendance during special events, communication to Junior staff of the same.
  • Uploading staff sick leaves and documents providing reasons for absence in shop records. Provision of justification or official documentation if these documents are not handed in by staff.


  • Co-ordinate with mall management and applying for and obtaining any necessary work permits for Mall management. Inform higher management of any issues related to this in advance so that necessary action can be taken.
  • Maintain hard and soft copies (shared Folder) of all licenses and shop documents in organized and clear manner. Inform management officially of any upcoming expirations at least 1 month in advance.
  • Clear accessible, updated records and contacts of maintenance partners, vendors, distributors, and dealers

Customer Transactions

  • Examine products being purchased for damages and ensure correct pricing.
  • Handle payment and return transactions between customer and retail shop according to standard procedure.
  • Ensure transactions are carried out in accordance to company promotions, discounts, and special offers.
  • Counts money back to customer in an accurate and concise manner.
  • Teaches and ensures that Junior staff know how to handle payment and return transactions between customer and retail shop according to standard procedure.
  • Ensure all Transactions carried out by staff are being processed on their individual POS logins.
  • Assist Junior staff with any inquires or issues they may have related to transactions.

Cash Management

  • Ensure daily cash and online sales equals receipts. Monitoring of all staff closing balance and follow up on any discrepancy as well as official reporting to higher management of any issues.
  • Responsible for Cash handling and deposits as directed by higher management, maintaining official records of these transactions.
  • Rectify issues with POS system, coordinate with system advisor when necessary.
  • Inform higher management officially of any system issues that are negatively affecting sales transactions.

Customer Service

  • Greet customers in a friendly and polite manner. Interact with customers in accordance with code of conduct. This includes in person, phone interactions, e-mails, and other communication platforms.
  • Daily follow up on any online (emails, social media) inquiries and orders.
  • Promote sales by accurately describing products and their unique features. Answer customer questions and direct customer inquiries to the appropriate party when needed.
  • Maximize sales by promoting similar products.
  • Co-ordinate and liaison with management appointed delivery company to ensure timely safe and professional delivery of products to customers.
  • Ensure in house customers with large purchases are provided with help carrying products to car.
  • Handle and resolve customer complaints quickly and efficiently to maintain shop reputation. Contact higher management immediately if issue cannot be resolved.
  • Provide regular feedback to management on customer suggestions, recommendations or needs.
  • Inform higher management officially of any shop issues being encountered that are negatively affecting sales, or customer satisfaction.
  • Inform customers about new products, services and upcoming events.
  • Update customer Database for effective use during sales, promotions and events.

Staff Management

  • Inspiring the team with a positive attitude and enthusiasm.
  • Ensure Junior staff understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Train, supervise and guide Junior staff towards maximum performance to achieve their targets as provided by management.
  • Monitor Junior staff roles and responsibilities and follow up on completed tasks to ensure high quality of execution.
  • Ensure all Junior staff comply with company policies and code of conduct to appropriately represent the company and maintain a positive attitude. Issue warnings in accordance with company policy.
  • Correct mistakes of Junior staff in a professional manner. Issue warnings in accordance with company policy and guidelines.
  • Inform higher management officially of any issues that are negatively affecting staff performance as well as non-compliance of any staff to company polices.
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