Transforming HR and Career Growth in Uganda

Baw HR established in 2020 with the aim of digitizing Human Resources and Transforming Productivity in Uganda. We use a bespoke mix of human and automated solutions to match employers with the best candidates, so they can hire the right fit faster. Baw HR Uganda forms part of the investment portfolio of Baw Digital [u] Ltd

Our story:

Baw HR was established in 2020 and has grown to become Uganda’s leading recruitment and HR services platform. We have over 800+ candidates and 100+ employers since our operations , successfully using the platform to get access to the right opportunities.

Our Mission
To be Uganda’s most user-centric and transparent career platform; where we connect the right candidates with the right opportunities.

Dream big with Baw HR

At Baw HR, we fully understand the Ugandan market and have developed a portfolio of relevant and value-adding products that make recruitment simple, quick and effective. With over 5k yearly applications, we ensure that we find the perfect match for our users.