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I would advise other candidates looking for jobs to also use the Baw HR jobs platform, the site is completely free. It also makes the process short and concise. It allows you to maintain a good database of top hiring managers where you don’t have to necessarily maintain it as in your ERP or within your email. Obviously, it makes it much easier to make the short list for candidates even do a referral, or you could check for candidates once again – if you’d like to do a second or third shortlisting

Margaret Smith


We currently have seven employees, ranging from professionals such as our accountant and warehouse manager and the blue-collar staff such as our driver and office cleaners all outsourced through Baw HR . We are completely satisfied with their service and so are our employees.

Mary Smith


Before we used to have to go through 1,000s of physical CVS but with Baw HR I can shortlist, filter and see who best fits and see a few at a time. I’d recommend Baw HR not just because of the products that they offer, but also because of the customer service and the fact that you’re given an account manager who walks with you through the whole process and they’re friendly and helpful.

Will Smith


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